Vegetarian Thali


Whether you’re planning for an occasion or you just want to keep your fridge full for the week, we’ve got you covered with exciting, balanced yet indulgent plant-based meals to suit the whole family.


We are here here to offer you unparalleled service, at great prices. More than this we are here to either offer you the type of food you already love and crave, or to change your mind about plant-based food forever!


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Delicious, exciting plant-based food, delivered to your door for any occasion.​


I am Amy, the founder of Figs and Grains. A life long vegetarian, and vegan in more recent years. From the UK originally, I have lived in the Netherlands for over 10 years. I am married to Andy and we have three children (4,8 &10).


At home we eat a plant-based diet, that we all love.​ My recipes are all built with the whole family in mind. Meals that can be adapted slightly and enjoyed by all, irrespective of age and preferences. ​Nutritional content is also at the centre of my dishes and my meals de-bunk the myth that a plant-based diet is lacking in protein, iron and vitamins such as B12. It simply isn't true if you eat a balanced diet. ​


Plant-based eating is exciting, creative and isn't lacking in anything; there is no compromise, just delicious food that you want to eat more of. ​


We have two key offerings:​

1 - Meals (for that evening or the fridge to enjoy later in the week or weekend), delivered to your door on either a Tuesday or Friday for the whole family. Perfect for families who want to introduce more plant based food into their weekly eating habits.​ Watch out for bi-weekly 'date night dinners' delicious food made for sharing, together with drinks, a playlist and a few little extras! 


2 - Event Catering with a difference! Anything from a weekend gathering of friends, baby showers through to a huge birthday celebrations. Optional add ons include, the loan of tableware, design & set-up, flowers & vases, lighting and more - whatever it takes to make it special and memorable!​


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